Restructuring operations

Businesses of all sizes and industries will undergo changes throughout their lifetime. The most drastic change a company can make comes from restructuring operations. To keep things running smoothly as possible, the aid of an expert corporate solicitor is vital.

Changing the corporate structure of your business is not a straightforward process. There are many different avenues you may want to consider, such as a merger, demerger or transfer of assets. The various restructuring methods come with their own unique challenges and could even impact how much tax your company will have to pay going forward. Therefore, you need a corporate solicitor who knows the best practices.

With the right legal aid, you mitigate the risk of disrupting the day-to-day running of your business operations and you could end up saving money on tax payments. This is an area of expertise for our solicitors, as we have been helping businesses with operational restructuring for years.

Our firm will assist you in:

  • Mergers & demergers.
  • Transfer of assets.
  • Acquisitions.

Straightforward legal advice for businesses and individuals

At Naray Associates, we make complex Swiss law easy to understand. We can advise in the restructuring of corporations.

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