Shareholder Agreements

Drafting shareholder agreements is the best way to safeguard how companies are run. They regulate the relationship between the shareholders and ones running the business, setting out an appropriate way for disputes to be addressed and resolved. To make sure your company’s shareholder agreement acts in everyone’s best interests, you need a corporate solicitor to draft one for you.

Putting a shareholder agreement in place is no mean feat in business. There are many things an agreement has to cover, such as the financing of the company, how shares are transferred, how shares are valued and what to do if a decision comes to a deadlock. With so many things that need to be included, the only way to make sure you have all bases covered is by enlisting the services of a corporate solicitor.

The team at Naray Law has extensive experience in drafting shareholder agreements. The many years of experience we have ensures that the work we produce for you will have the best interests of everyone involved with the business in mind.

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