Taking up residence of shareholders

Setting up your company so it can operate in Switzerland is a difficult yet highly important step your business needs to take. There are many laws that dictate how a foreign company can establish a presence in Switzerland, so having a Swiss solicitor who specialises in corporate law is integral to your success.

There are many things you need to consider when beginning a business venture in Switzerland, the most important aspect being your legal rights as a non-Swiss citizen who holds shares in a Swiss company. Our solicitors are well versed in handling these procedures for our range of clients and it has become an area of expertise for us over the years.

With the right help, you can achieve the same legal status as a corporation operating in Switzerland without being hit by tax bills. This leads to more profit and the chance to gain more success as a business owner in our country.

Our firm will assist you in:

Example taking up residence of shareholders Cases we have worked on:

  • We have helped with the creation of companies in Switzerland, opening bank accounts with institutions for companies whose shareholders are located outside of the European Union.
  • Naray Law has aided in the creation of company branches in Switzerland for foreign companies, allowing them to have the same legal status as a corporation without having to pay capital.
  • We obtained public utility status for associations and foundations with exemption from income and capital tax.

We can help advise on taking up residence of shareholders.

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