Import / Export of Goods

The import and export business has always been a lucrative market to be involved in. But, with goods travelling all across the world, you have to make sure that anything you send in and out of the country adheres to all legal regulations. To make sure you’re following the law, having a solicitor to advise you is your best bet.

There are many steps involved with importing and exporting and you need to understand each one to make your e-commerce business a success. From planning the logistics, following import and export legislation and paying the correct amount in tax, you have a lot to think about. Having a solicitor in your corner will reduce the amount of stress these tasks put on you while optimizing the whole process.

Import and export issues can come along at any time, so you need to be sure your legal advisor understands how to resolve these problems.

Our firm will assist you in:

  • Optimisation of logistics Amazon FBA sellers by transiting goods through free ports.

  • Advice on import and export of goods between Switzerland and the European Union.

Example import and export cases we have worked on:

  • Optimisation of logistics Amazon FBA seller specialised in computer and high-tech products.
  • Optimisation of logistics Amazon FBA seller specialised in the cosmetics industry.

We can help you to understand the laws of importing and exporting goods

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