VAT Registration

VAT registration is an important aspect of keeping e-commerce businesses tax compliant. Tax laws, in particular in Switzerland and the EU, aren’t easy to understand even at the best of times, which is why you need to find the help of a solicitor who has a vast amount of experience in helping e-commerce businesses with their VAT registration.

There are many procedures involved in registering your VAT, such as how and when to register, how your VAT is set up in other countries (both in and out of the EU) and how much you will have to pay. Having to manage your VAT registration takes away time that you could use to further your business. You should be able to leave this in the hands of a capable solicitor, so you put your focus where it is most needed.

Naray Law has been providing advice for clients for many years, and we’re sure that we can aid you with any VAT issues you may be having.

Our firm will assist you in:

  • VAT Registration in the EU

  • VAT Registration in Switzerland

Example VAT Registration Cases We Have Worked On:

  • We have advised many clients on Switzerland’s VAT laws and helped them with their registry. We have also done the same for clients operating in other EU countries.

We can help you to understand VAT Registration for your business.

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