Company Taxation

Developing a company, even an SME, requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Knowledge and experience go a long way in development, as well. To set your company up properly, you will need an expert solicitor on hand to help. In particular, the company tax process is a business element that requires the services of professional solicitor to make sure you are paying the correct amount.

Solicitors who specialise in company taxation will guide you through the entire tax process. Our own legal team provides a broad spectrum of services to ensure clients are treated in the best possible way from a tax point of view. The help we provide includes: providing international tax assistance, improving employee pension plans and assisting companies domiciliate in Switzerland. Not only does our aid improve profit margins, it also takes away the stress of you having to personally oversee the tax process.

With the right legal advice, you can be sure you will only pay for what you have to, from the incorporation of your company all the way through to the reorganisation of assets. There are many different ways a company can be taxed, so having an expert by your side is vital in keeping your company organised.

Our firm will assist you in:

  • Incorporation of companies

  • Domiciliation – Choice of place of incorporation

  • Remuneration of shareholders and managers

  • Optimization of the employee pension plan.

  • Restructuring operations

  • Direct and indirect taxes

  • Contentious and non-contentious tax proceedings.

  • Analysis of issues related to tax residence.

  • Organization of assets

  • Exchange of information and international tax assistance.

Example company taxation cases we have worked on:

  • We managed to reduce the amount of tax a company in Geneva was paying by CHF 600,000 by a simple taxation claim against a provisional tax assessment.
  • We have successfully participated and won a case before the Federal Court on a question of principle on the reopening of the balance sheets of a company in the event of a voluntary disclosure. Our client made a tax saving of CHF 400,000.

  • We have successfully participated in the merger of two sister companies and creation of a branch with substantial tax savings thanks to the losses carried forward of the absorbed company.

We can help you with the set up, restructure or development of your company.

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